Istikhara For Leaving Husband and Cheating Husband

Get Islamic Istikhara For Leaving Husband

Istikhara For Leaving Husband

When a woman gets married she put all her faith in her husband and promises to give all love and respect. No matter if it is an arrange marriage, a woman always stay loyal as a wife and respects her husband and if it is a love marriage then the wife loves and respects her husband unconditionally. Now you imagine a women who has left her everything behind just to live on the conditions of a man strange to her or not very familiar comes to know that her husband is a cheat how heartbreaking that would be.  In such cases the woman suffers a lot. She has to make many decisions upon, thus she can take help of istikhara for leaving husband.

Islamic Istikhara To Leave Husband

Istikhara for leaving husband will help the woman to decide that whether she should forgive her husband and trust him again or whether she should divorce him for being in an extra marital relationship. When people come to know about a woman whose husband is after other women they speak nothing wrong of the man instead they blame the poor woman only. The other people who support the woman give her thousands of useless advices. Therefore the woman never gets proper support from anyone she herself has to deal with the society and her husband. That is why performing istikhara to leave husband is really important for her.

As we all know that when no one stands with is there is still someone who does and he is almighty god Allah SWT. Allah made our works easier; he guides us every time everywhere through these istikhara and dua. Istikhara to leave husband is also his blessing which helps the poor women to decide their future or rest of their lives with their husband.

Istikhara For Cheating Husband

Islamic Istikhara For Cheating Husband

Cheating does not only means having an affair, if a husband does not behaves properly with his wife then also it is called betrayal and a woman can decide his faith by doing the istikhara dua for husband.

Do the istikhara dua for husband when does not gives you proper respect, time and love. In the same way a man can do istikhara for cheating husband if he thinks that his wife is not loyal or is not being a good and faithful partner.

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