Dua For Getting My Wife Back or To Get Beautiful Wife

Islamic Dua For Getting My Wife Back

Islamic Dua For Getting My Wife Back

“Dua For Getting My Wife Back” Every man wishes to have a beautiful partner in their life. A man wants a partner whose beauty he can admire, for forever. He wants to have a partner with charming personality and gorgeous looks so that he can feel proud about being with her. He wants to love her because she is best woman in the world for him. This is why, more and more men generally deny marriage proposals because they wait for someone who is best in looks.


If you feel that you are a handsome man and you are afraid that you might end up with an unattractive wife because the marriage offers you are currently getting are not satisdying enough therefore in such situations, you must make dua to get beautiful wife. The dua to get beautiful wife will help you in finding the most charming and alluring woman for you. If you want a wife with good character and nice nature, then you should make dua for getting good wife.

Dua For Getting Good And Beautiful Wife

There are a lot of men who wish to get a nice and loving partner; such men must recite the dua for getting good wife, day and night, so that they can get married to a decent lady. Getting married isn’t enough; you need to maintain that relationship as well. Sometimes, men make mistakes and they lose their spouse because of it. If you have also lost your wife due to some issues and have tried everything to get her back, but failed then you must do dua to get wife back, as told by our Molvi Ji.


Our Maulana Sahib has guided many shohar with the dua to get wife back. The dua to get my wife back is a very famous and old rohani nuskha that have helped shohar from centuries in winning back the love of his biwi. If your wife is angry with you, then the dua to get my wife back will melt her rage against you and she would want to start a fresh life with you, soon, IN SHA ALLAH.

Dua for getting wife back

Dua for getting wife back – Al Jami

You can recite the above given Dua for getting wife back, everyday for next 7 days at least a hundred times after the namaz of fazir, this will help in reconciling things between a husband and his wife.